« Life’s scene »

Text for the exhibition « The voice of… », 2011, Onomatopee, Eindhoven, NL

Life’s scene!
Julien paints people – people on the street. He talks with them about their lives and makes portraits of them by listening to their wishes, attempting to observe their essence and putting that down in an image. Often these people are living on the edge – people full of character. They are people whose lives progress along with the fortunes of their surroundings, with the freedom which they find on the street, detached from the bargains that politics and advertising fling at them. In his landscapes, which he rightly refers to as ‘life scenes’, one can discern these politics and advertising in the background, whilst in the foreground one can observe the character of the individual – inscribed on their face, conveyed in their posture, in the things they carry with them. Beneyton shows everything which touches, or gets under the skin of a person.
Freek Lomme

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