« Rugosités du réel / The roughness of the real”

Extract from the text « Painting : Embodiment and dissolution » edited in the catalogue of the exhibition « Peinture(s) / Génération 70 », Fondation Claudine & Jean-Marc Salomon pour l’art contemporain, Alex , FR

The roughness of the real

… « If painting is in competition with the reality here, the intention is never mimetic ; rather, the idea is to itensify it to the point of hallucination. It is with manic precision that the real appears in the paintings of Julien Beneyton. These unfold urban wretchedness and the diversity of the men and women who cohabit and clash day after day. The city is present down to its slightest details, details that the passer-by forgets to notice but recog,ises later, here, in the composition, as if they were looming up from the depths of his unconcious with a new intensity. However familiar it may be, reality here is no less acute, and compels the gaze. As naïve as it is precise, Beneyton’s style seems self-evident. If the artist has chosen painting as away of talking about a universe that is above all is own, it is because painting brings out slogans, signals and codes, heightens colours and transforms a space that has become unstable. »…

Anne Malherbe

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